Enjoy This Year’s Halloween on A Budget

Enjoy This Year’s Halloween on A Budget

Halloween is right around the corner with just over a month until the day itself is here. Therefore, if you haven’t already, it might be time to begin considering all the aspects and elements surrounding the holiday. In the United States, the event is celebrated widely with millions of people decorating and taking part every single year. In fact, according to a very recent Statista report, 65% of Americans are expected to partake next month. As you can see from the link, there was a huge decrease last year dropping from 68% to 58%, this is likely to be due to the pandemic. However, as life is slowly returning to normality, predictions suggest that the amount of people celebrating is due to steadily rise again.

The Financial Aspect

Halloween, also known as ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ creates a large boost in the economy each year. As the country keeps up its high reputation surrounding the holiday, Americans tend to spend a generous sum of money throughout the weeks running up to the date.

However, you do not need to move with the crowd. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways in which you can celebrate on a budget. Despite more than half the population celebrating, there is an excessive number of people who actually struggle to afford it. Ramsey Solutions suggests that 80% of Americans are caught up in chains of debt. Therefore, spending on unnecessary goods can become very stressful. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a great amount of money to enjoy the holiday to its maximum potential. After all, nobody wants to end up with further financial consequences which could lead to borrowing payday loans or installment loans.

Save On Halloween Decorations

Throughout October you will see more and more decorations quickly appearing from families beginning to celebrate the holiday. Some houses you pass may even be covered in spooky decorations including spiderwebs, haunted overlays, and most popular of all, carved pumpkins. However, unfortunately, decorations can be expensive, especially if you’re searching in the wrong shops. Depending on how many decorations you’re aiming to place around your house, the price can vary from low to high. So, why not try making your own or borrowing from those around you?

Make Your Own

There are certain decorations which you can make yourself and certain ones which you cannot. Putting your DIY skills to the test could certainly save you plenty of money throughout the month, particularly if you prepare in advance. Thankfully, for those who have never tried DIY, the internet gives you access to millions of suggestions and step-by-step tutorials to help. Some of the most common decorations people tend to make include bunting, scarecrows, drip candles, and so on.

Borrow From Others

Many people like to change their Halloween decorations every so often, meaning their homes do not look the same every time Halloween approaches. Therefore, they may have decorations sitting in storage waiting to be used in the future, or by somebody new. Similarly, your friends or family might have decorations that are looking a little ‘old’ which you could borrow and upcycle. This way, you have a perfectly new-looking spooky decoration for free.

Save On Halloween Costumes

The price of Halloween costumes can soon add up after you have bought the outfit, the accessories, and other bits and bobs including fake blood. After a few purchases, you’ll be wondering where all your money is going. Nobody wants to be spending a fortune on an event that only occurs once a year. Therefore, here are some options you could take to keep the costs down.

Second-Hand Clothing

After Halloween has passed you may find different costumes on ‘free’ websites, or in thrift stores. These might be outfits that have been outgrown that are looking to be rehomed or even outfits with slight faults. If it’s something that can be easily fixed for a low price, it is worth a shot. After all, second-hand clothing is definitely cheaper than the items you will find elsewhere. Purchasing costumes after the holiday and keeping them for the following year will also save you a lot more than you may think.

Shop Around For The Lowest Price

Second-hand clothes are not always an option, taking the chance of finding something in a thrift store is risky. If you find yourself in this situation, buying costumes from normal stores could work out beneficially. To ensure you stick to a budget, we advise you to search around for the lowest price. Visiting your local stores and shopping online will enable you to get an idea of which stores have the best prices suited to you.

Decorations and costumes are only a couple of elements surrounding the holiday, in fact, they might not even be of any interest to you. However, our ideas can be related to many different aspects even something completely different.