Money Saving Tips During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Money-Saving Tips During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Staying at home, avoiding any trips to the cinema, shopping malls, meals out and even general shopping will be impacting your finances. The outbreak of the coronavirus has likely cut down your monthly spending by quite a chunk. You might be thinking that you are saving money as much money as you can, that is probably true to some extent depending on how smartly you are shopping. Below are some money-saving tips and ideas on how you can save even more during this period.

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Make the most of the ‘financial’ lockdown:

As humans with monthly incomes or wages, it is likely that we have to abide by a budget every month. And of course, due to the lack of going out, you may be left with more ‘spare’ money that you usually would be. Here at LoanPigUSA, we believe it is a good idea to save this money instead of spending it on unnecessary things online. This is because once the pandemic has decreased and life starts going back to normal, we will feel better if we have more money. Along with this, some people have bills and debts they need to pay off. If this is you, the financial lockdown is a perfect time to gather some money and repay those you owe.

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Going to the store or spending money online:

The White House has recently announced that Americans should avoid going out. This includes grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions due to the virus expected to hit a deadly apex in the next 2 weeks. Although, this doesn’t apply to the shopping which we can conduct whilst staying in our homes. Even with the decline in visits to the grocery store, many Americans will continue to spend their money online. To save money, we need to resist the urge to spend. Boredom is a catalyst when it comes to spending money, so you should try to stay away from the online market.

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Cheap Meals:

After being told that grocery shopping should be avoided, Americans are beginning to stock up on their food to ensure they leave their home as little as possible. But, not everyone feels comfortable spending a lot of money on their food items in one go, especially not if they are buying in bulk.

Stores like Dollar Tree, Aldi and Trader Joes all have foods for every meal of the day which can make a meal for you and your family at a low price. Whether it be using ready prepared meals, tinned foods, or even fresh produce.

You can easily find recipes all over the internet by searching for what you want. Whether you are looking for $1 meals or just cheap meals, in general, you will be able to see exact recipes and prices from certain stores.


Saving money during the coronavirus outbreak is a great way to get on top of your finances and get them in your control. Saving up for the future is also something you should be keeping in mind when wondering what to save your ‘spare’ money for. Our money-saving tips are examples of a few things you can do during this pandemic, but they are not the only ones. So, if you find any which you think will benefit you, why not give them a try?

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