Getting the Most out of Your Money

Bargain hunting tips: getting the most out of your money

Whether you’re working within a tight budget or simply want to increase the percentage of your pay check that you put away each month, it’s easy to save a few dollars when it comes to shopping. Here are a few ways in which you can make savings when it comes to hitting the shops:


We’ve all been there: going to the grocery store after work on an empty stomach can lead to you splurging on snacks. Resist this by making sure you eat before shopping. Another way to avoid unnecessary purchases is to stick to a weekly shop, as daily visits can often lead to picking up extra items that you don’t really need.

Be sure to always make a list and stick to it rigidly. This is easiest if you plan your meals in advance as you’ll have a better idea of the exact ingredients you’ll need.

Bringing kids grocery shopping can be a minefield, particularly if they’re hungry or sleepy, when they’ll be more likely to pester you for candy or toys. If leaving them in the care of family or friends isn’t an option, make sure you have a way of keeping them entertained.


The internet makes it much easier to check whether you’re getting a bargain through price comparison sites and apps such as SaveBenjis and discount plugins, such as Honey. Sign up to your favorite retailer’s newsletter to receive notifications on upcoming sales as well as exclusive perks such as discounts and free postage.

If you’re a fan of designer brands, consider purchasing these through sites such as Depop and Ebay. In addition to saving money, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment, by breathing new life into old clothes.


When it comes to buying electronics, between April and the end of summer is the best time for hunting for a bargain as retailers are most likely to reduce the previous year’s models in order to make room for new stock. Consider purchasing refurbished products but make sure that these come with a warranty in case there are any defects.

Don’t be shy to ask for a discount when buying in store. Often sales assistants will have some leverage, so asking politely might just help save some dollars!

Even though money can sometimes be tight, we would only advise that you use our services for finding you a loan, for an emergency.