How you can Budget in 3 Easy Steps

Budgeting Done in 3 Easy Steps

Budgeting isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. Some people can find the process really difficult and confusing, leading them to fall into some sort of debt. The process isn’t only good to save some money, but it is also good to ensure you have full control over your finances and understand exactly what’s happening. Hence the need for three easy budgeting steps for you to learn from.

Which  3 Easy Steps to Budgeting Should You Follow?

Understanding budgeting and getting the best method for you is a working process. In other words, it doesn’t happen overnight. Some methods work for some people and others don’t, leading it to be a matter of trial and error. Although, some of the best, most common steps which people like to follow can be seen below:

  1. Understand Your Income
  2. Create Your Budget
  3. Record your spending and track progress

Similarly to the previous post on the envelope system method, you split the steps up, firstly by determining your income, secondly creating your budget and last of all is tracking your progress and recording your spending. The main factor is understanding your income. You cannot start the process without understanding your finances properly. This needs to be done to allow you to work out how much you will give yourself to save, for essentials and just for things you want in general.

The next step is creating your budget. This should be a personal amount as it needs to be relevant to what you spend in daily life. After understanding your income you should be able to categorize your spending to acknowledge what is essential and what isn’t. This way you will be able to create certain amounts to stick too.

Last, of all, track your progress and record your spending. This way you can see exactly where your money is going at what point. Meaning you will be able to have a better chance of feeling motivated and adapting to the budgeting lifestyle.


Budgeting is a long process. Everyone will be able to find a method that works for them, even if it feels like it is taking forever. If these easy steps are not the right steps for you, you will be able to find different methods all over the internet. Although the process could take months, if not years, it will be worth it when you are able to grasp ahold of your finances for good.