Tried the No Grocery Challenge yet?

How to save money on groceries without changing what you buy

Every day it can seem that we’re spending more and more on our groceries, even if we’re choosing to buy the same products and brands we’ve been using for years. The grocery store can be a haven for impulsive spending and if you’re on a tight budget, there’s nothing worse than walking out with a bigger bill than you expected. Here a few helpful hints to save money on your groceries- without changing what you buy.

Make a meal plan

Budget-savers always recommend that, before you even step foot in the grocery store, you have a dedicated list of meals to make during the week you’re buying for. Structuring out your dinners especially can save you over $100 a month- and you’ll have plenty of food left over for lunches the next day if you budget wisely. Pick out fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, meats and dairy and avoid the snacks and pre-packaged meals, which often cost much more for less taste.

Buy in bulk

Bulk buying might seem intimidating at first, but it truly is your friend. Household staples like rice and pasta, cereals and even products for household cleaning and laundry are great to buy in bulk. They often cost half the price of the grocery store and will last for much longer. Grains are especially good as a staple to bulk up any meal for merely pennies, so it’s worth investing in a membership to a bulk buying store like Costco. Yearly membership costs might seem like a lot, but are an excellent investment in the long term.

Try the ‘No Grocery’ challenge

Popularized by family bloggers on the internet, the ‘No Grocery’ challenge is a commitment by high-spending families to use every single item in their fridge and/or pantry before they head back to the grocery store for more. Successful families have cut their grocery bill by nearly $200 after realizing how many frivolous purchases they made when they didn’t make use of the items they already had. This will also help decrease the amount of food you waste as a household, which is great for you and even better for the environment.

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