How to qualify for a home loan

Do you Have a Low Credit Score?

If you have a low credit score, you can still get approved for a home loan. Some mortgage lenders do not focus their attention on the credit score as much as they do on income and debt. Before you start looking for a new home, you must know what type of hoe you can afford. Planning ahead will save you time and energy .knowing your range of mortgage approval may help you avoid being turned down.

First or Second Time Buyer?

First time buyers have low income compared to second time buyers.Buyers who have received a mortgage before may have cleared their debt and have enough savings and collateral. They are more eligible and likely to receive a mortgage compare to first time buyers.

Credit scores and reports are the biggest obstacles you may face when applying for a mortgage. Your credit score will determine how much mortgage you will receive. Maximizing your credit score before applying for a mortgage or an increase will increase the chances of being approved.

How’s Your Credit Score?

Make sure your credit score is as high as it can get. Your mortgage request may be declined because you lacked a few more points on your credit score. Your score also plays a role in determining the mortgage rates you will get. Maximizing your score will ensure you receive approval of your highest mortgage request and they will also increase your rates. You can increase your credit score by paying your balances on your cards, making sure you pay all your credits on time, minimizing the number of credits you own and settling negative claims on your credit card.

Various Mortgage Programmes on Offer

Find out what type of mortgages fit your interest best. There are several mortgage programmes where you can choose from.  Regular mortgages are perfect for buyers with a high credit score, a high income and can afford a lamp some down payment.  Government home loan programmes are provided to buyers with poor credit, low income and cannot afford a down payment.

Watch those Outgoings!!!!

If you live from pay check to pay check, chances are you cannot afford to apply for a mortgage. You will need to have money in the bank because most mortgage providers will ask for 2 mortgage payments in advance. Down payment is also needed when the mortgage application is approved.  If you have loans you’re still paying off, it is probably not a good idea to take a mortgage. Paying for two loans simultaneously may exhaust your finances and you may not be able to cater to your basic needs.

Already Renting?

If you are already renting a home, there is a high chance that your mortgage will be less than your monthly mortgage payment. With a low monthly obligation, lenders will consider approving your request for a mortgage. Minimal commitment means you will be able to pay your mortgage on time without straining your income. It will also increase your credit score, making you eligible for a higher loan, which is beneficial to both your and the lender.

Short Term Alternative Lenders

There are many short term lenders on the market that can help if you ever need a small loan over a short period, just to get you through an emergency.