When Should You Cancel Your Subscriptions?

When Should You Cancel Your Subscriptions?

Subscriptions come in all the different forms you can imagine, from TV and entertainment streaming services all the way to weekly food plans. If you look hard enough, you can probably find a subscription for everything you use on a daily basis. However, due to the convenience, they bring in your life, the prices are often through the roof. The monthly costs are constantly on the rise as the service becomes more well-known and popular. Therefore, this means that some of the services you were once able to easily afford may not have the same value anymore. Even the slightest increase of a few dollars a month can massively impact your budget and spending habits. For some people, they may have room within their budget for inflation and common price rises. However, unfortunately, not everybody is in the same position. So, at what point should you cancel your subscriptions?

Reviewing Your Expenses

Most of us are signed up to some sort of subscription service which costs us a small fee monthly. In fact, approximately half the country’s population is subscribed to services including Amazon Prime and Netflix. Subscriptions come in all shapes and sizes; some could be under $1 and others could be at the other end of the scale. However, even the smallest amounts can add up over the years. So, reviewing your expenses should be a routine part of your financial activity. Taking the time to calculate exactly how much of your monthly expenses are taken up by subscription costs will immediately prove how much of your disposable income is being used. In this case, you can consider whether or not the specific subscription is beneficial enough to continue the payments.

Canceling Free Trails

With many popular subscription services, companies will often offer free trials. Therefore, this means you can get a feel of the service without having to pay for the whole package. Typically, the free trials will roll out into an automated paid subscription, so if the subscription is not of use to you, ensure you cancel it before the specified date. However, despite only being for a short duration, they can be very useful when it comes to saving money and subscription usage.

Is It Worth It?

Everybody has their individual opinion on whether or not something is worth paying for. However, certain points may arise that lead you to question your own decisions and choices. As you already know, there are countless factors that can be considered when deciding if the payment is justifiable. In fact, there’s probably more than you think. A lot of the time, people sign up for subscription services for numerous reasons. Despite potentially purchasing for different reasons, a lot of the justification will be very similar. However, this doesn’t mean there are no anomalies within the scale. So, here are some things you can consider when trying to figure out if it’s time to cancel.


Some subscription services, for example, entertainment streaming, can be used excessively, to the point of distraction or necessity. Despite offering a sense of relaxation throughout the day, too much can sometimes equate to a negative outcome. Therefore, learning when enough is enough will allow you to present your time equally, opening up more opportunities. However, on the other hand, lack of usage is a more common reason for cancellation. Typically, when we purchase something new, we tend to use it a lot more often at the beginning. Following this, it slowly fades out. This is sometimes the same concept as subscriptions. Therefore, if you spot your usage declining, you can quickly cancel the subscription before your next payment.


As we mentioned previously, there are many reasons why people may take out a subscription. One of which could include the benefits they bring. In some cases, certain services offer a lower price. For example, food subscriptions may offer a cheaper, healthier lifestyle for those who struggle with food, cooking, and shopping. Therefore, having a set meal plan each week will enable you to save money and stay healthy. So, in this case, more factors come into play. Other things, on the other hand, may cost you money but provide no benefit. So, perhaps it’s time to cancel.

Alternative Options 

Cutting costs completely can be difficult. Not everyone has the ability to cut certain habits out of their lives immediately. Therefore, here are some alternative options that you could use to avoid completely canceling and losing out on your subscriptions.

Annual Payments

Paying for subscriptions annually could save you more than you may think. Paying within a contract without having a way to pull out and cancel the payment can massively decrease the price. Many services and companies have annual purchasers’ deals to encourage sales. Despite being that bit more expensive in the moment, annual payments will work out cheaper in the long run, helping you and your budget. After all, nobody likes being short of money and still having bills to pay. If you find yourself in this stressful position with no answers, here at LoanPigUSA, we can help provide you with a short term loan.

Sharing Packages

If you have a large group of friends or a large family, you may find it easier to search for the plans that have sharing packages attached. Instead of sticking to the common individual packages, sharing techniques can help to save you a lot of money as the costs are split between numerous people and typically tend to offer some sort of discount on the side.

Compare The Prices

As we always mention, before making any financial decisions, it’s always best to weigh the pros and cons, as well as compare the prices elsewhere. This means you’re able to find the cheapest option that has the most beneficial outcome. As subscriptions are on the rise, there are always new businesses joining the industry and putting their twist on their offers. You’ll see this, especially with the smaller companies who often want to build their clientele and attract as many customers as possible.