State Schools vs. Home Schooling

State Schools vs. Home Schooling

It can be tough choosing where to send your child so that they can benefit from the best quality education and unleash their full potential. It becomes particularly difficult when there are so many options to choose from including state schools, private schools, and homeschooling.

State schools and home schools remain the most popular choices since not many parents are able to send their children to expensive private schools because of the high tuition fees. In fact, these schools are so un-affordable that many parents cannot even take out loans for them.

This is partly because of the fact that bad credit that affects their lives and makes them ineligible for education loans and installment loans are not recommended for this type of long term expenditure. This strikes private schooling off many parents’ lists.

The state school vs. home school is an age-old debate, confusing every parent. In this article, we list some of the pros and cons of each.

State Schools

State schools, also referred to as public schools, are very popular among parents who can’t afford the pricey private and charter schools because bad credit scores affect lives of countless individuals and minimize their chances of getting educational loans.

These schools are free of cost and accessible for children of all financial backgrounds. They are also highly regarded because of their comprehensive curriculum and frequent assessments, which help students to evaluate their personal intellectual growth and development.

Another reason for their increasing popularity among both parents as well as children is the fact that the students’ care and education is managed by trained and qualified professionals who been subjected to strict and vigorous undergone background checks, ensuring maximum security for your child.

With that said, public schooling is also avoided by some parents because of the high number of cases of bullying that have been reported over the years. Bullying can affect children quite severely and very negatively, both physically as well as mentally, which is why many parents prefer to home school their children nowadays.

State schooling is also avoided by parents because of their standardized assessment systems. Many parents believe that children are assessed unfairly and unjustly in public schooling systems because all the students are taught and assessed in a similar fashion, completely ignoring the fact that each student has a different intellect and intelligence level.

Home schooling

With each passing year, more and more parents are gravitating towards homeschooling their children. This is because of how the children feel more at ease when studying in the comforts of their own house and feel at ease while learning. Parents believe that this allows the students to learn quicker and better.

Parents also prioritize homeschooling over other forms of schooling because of how they can cater to the individual educational needs of their children and tailor the curriculum accordingly. This allows them to work on their child’s strengths and weaknesses without overworking them or burdening them with material that they are not yet prepared for.

Children who are home-schooled accelerate according to their abilities and intellect. Homeschooling is also preferred because of the flexibility it offers both to the children as well as to the parents in terms of time, curriculum, and pace.

However, many parents argue against homeschooling on grounds of neglected responsibilities, compromised education and the children being unable to get out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves.

They believe that homeschooling does not adequately prepare children to face the new challenges of life and they struggle in later stages of life such as when they are at university and in their professional lives. They also believe that home-schooled children lack confidence and struggle with communication skills, decreasing their chances of employ-ability significantly.

Therefore, to bring this debate to a semi-conclusion, for those who are looking for a more comprehensive and regularly evaluated educational system, state schools are the best choice. While for parents and children seeking flexibility, homeschooling makes a more suitable option.

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