Online fraud prevention 101

Keep your details secure online

The evolution of digital technology makes it easy to purchase almost anything online. But if you’re not protecting your details properly, you open doors to fraudsters. Most common online frauds that people fall for include debit card fraud, identity theft, push payment scams, and credit card theft. You can avoid being a victim by taking the following precautionary measures.

Use of strong passwords

Passwords are your key to navigating the web. But you need to make sure that you use a strong and unique password for every online account you have. Make sure you follow guidelines and incorporate symbols, numbers and lower and upper case letters within your passwords.

Your passwords need to be hard to guess and can’t be shared with anyone. As an added precaution, enable a two-factor verification which verifies your identity or transaction.

Don’t click on links or attachments you are not sure about

Cybercriminals have a way of tricking people into clicking links and attachments that seem to be from legitimate organizations. Always make be cautious before opening such emails. You should be on the lookout for spelling errors or suspicious looking email addresses.

If you’re not sure the link is legit, call the friend or organization to verify this. You can also enter the web address manually instead of clicking the provided link.

Always have up-to-date internet security installed

As cybercrimes become more sophisticated, security software providers are also doing their best to provide you with reliable internet security. Before entering your details online, make sure you have installed good internet security. Malware slows down or takes over your computer. Good internet security prevents that from happening.

Always verify the safety of a website

When purchasing anything online, always verify the safety of that website first. A secure website’s URL starts with “HTTPS” where the “s” stands for secure. Also, be sure to check for any obvious typos on the URL. Avoid entering your details if you’re in doubt.

Ensure your computer software is up-to-date

Many people view updating their computer as hard work. But it patches all vulnerabilities, hence keeping cybercriminal out.

Using these tips helps you enjoy online life knowing that your devices and information are secure.