Best Places To Travel In The United States

Best Places To Travel In The United States

Did you know that the majority of Americans do not own passports? This is because typically, they tend to travel within the United States. The country has every single holiday type you could wish for. Whether you are searching for city breaks, beach getaways, adventures, or even snowy stays, the US has it all. But, do you know which places are the best to travel too?

New York

NYC - best places to travel

According to every travel website, New York is the most visited state in the whole of the US by not only US citizens, but, also international tourists. On average the state gets around 67 million tourists each year. The state offers everything you could want from sun to snow, from famous attractions to endless shopping. What more could you want from a city break?

Although, due to the high living costs and higher wages, the price of everything in New York will be higher than you may expect. Therefore, traveling to a place like this may cost you a little more, so to ensure you are saving enough money, why not adapt to a budgeting plan or just a basic savings plan.

San Francisco

San Francisco - best places to travel

Another popular destination is San Francisco. The city in California brings around 25 million tourists per year. It is known as one of America’s most vibrant cities which is loved by people all over the globe. This is not only due to its charm, but also its diversity. So if you are someone who loves exploring and seeing what different places have to offer, why not try this one?

Although San Francisco is an expensive area, there are plenty of ways in which you can reduce the price of your trip. This may include avoiding hotels and choosing to rent a house or apartment for the duration of your stay.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. - The White House - best places to travel

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. It is a city that is specifically known for being not only the capital but also the home to the president (and The White House). The city is packed full of culture through different monuments, statues, and museums. So, if you are looking for a city break with plenty of culture, this might be the perfect destination for you.

With Washington D.C. being the capital of the United States the prices of accommodation, food, and transport are not always low. But, there are plenty of ways in which you can find out how to make the most of your trip on a budget all over the internet. Thankfully, the capital does offer affordable stays, you just need to ensure you take your time when looking for them online.


Chicago - best places to travel

Did you know that Chicago is the second most visited city in the whole of America? In 2019 alone, the city saw around 58 million tourists in the area. Along with this, the whole state of Illinois amassed a number of 119 million tourists. The city lies amongst Lake Michigan and is full of culture, life, and entertainment.

Chicago is a great place for tourists who are wanting a city break which is not going to cost them too much money. Although the city is not exactly cheap, it is a great alternative to other cities in the US.



Miami is a place that really gives tourists the best of both worlds. Can’t decide between a beach holiday or a city holiday? Miami is the place for you as it offers both. Whether you are booking a vacation for the sun and warm sea, or the city lifestyle, Miami is the place for you.

According to multiple different reports, Miami is known as ‘The Capital of Latin America’. The city is constantly packed full of tourists loving the city. But, do not be fooled as the prices can be very high, depending on where you are staying, what you are eating and where you are going.

Above you can see five of the best places to travel too and visit in the United States. But, please bear in mind that these are not the only places you should/can visit. There are plenty of other places all over the country which you may love just as much as these.