How to Budget for your Perfect 2019 Vacation

Your summer vacation time is precious, so you want to make every moment count. But how do you plan an unforgettable trip without breaking the bank? Here are our top tips to make sure you budget wisely.

Carefully research the best times to travel

Most people plan their vacations to coincide with the height of summer, but travelling early or late in the season is usually a lot cheaper. Plus, most of the popular tourist spots are a lot quieter at these times. If you’re flying, you’ll find that you can get cheaper fares on certain days of the week. The best rates are usually available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Be savvy with your payment methods

If you’re travelling abroad, you may incur substantial fees if you use a credit card, so check your terms with your provider before you depart. If you’re taking cash, you can save money by shopping around the different currency exchange companies for the best commission rates.

Plan an itinerary and book activities before you go

If you know what you are going to be doing each day, you’ll have a better idea of how much you need to spend. Booking activities and excursions in advance can also save you money. But make sure you don’t overload your schedule – if any activities need to be postponed due to bad weather, and you don’t have time to fit them in, you may lose out.

Stick to a daily food budget

Of course, trying new restaurants is a major part of the vacation experience, but it’s an area of spending that can easily get out of control. If you only have a certain amount of cash to spend per day, you’ll be more selective with your dining options. That doesn’t mean that you have to eat cheap. If you dine at a budget restaurant one day, you’ll have cash left over to splash out on a fancy dinner another night.

Don’t forget your toothbrush!

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