Four Easy Lifestyle Changes

Four Easy Lifestyle Changes you can make to Save Money

Making sacrifices in order to save money is easier said than done. If we try to make lifestyle changes that are not sustainable for us, we simply won’t stick to them and we might find ourselves with little to no savings to cover those little emergencies that life throws at us. This can leave us feeling frustrated, and most importantly – stop us from saving! Find our four top tips for making financial changes you can stick to.

1. Meal preparation

For most of us, food is one of the biggest outgoings we have. This makes it one of the easiest areas to save money in. Rather than give up the treats that you love (and sometimes the treats that keep you going during the working week), make a simple meal plan for the week before you shop. Write down the ingredients you’ll need and plan some delicious meals that you can’t wait to eat. This will help you stick to the list whilst in the grocery store.

2. The 30 day rule

Have you heard of the 30 day rule? This is a life saver for impulse spenders. If you see a luxury item you want, you must wait 30 days before making the purchase. The chances are that after 30 days you will no longer want the item. If you do still want the item after 30 days, it is more likely to be something you’ll get value from.

3. Cancel those subscriptions

We live in a world of subscriptions at the moment. From TV and movie subscriptions to apps, and even online fitness programmes; it seems that everything requires you to sign up nowadays. Take a look at your bank statement and add up how much you spend on subscriptions. Be cutthroat and cancel anything you don’t use at least twice a week. This change will instantly help you to make a regular monthly saving.

4. Pay in cash

Yes, paying in cash sounds crazy in a world of Apple Pay and contactless payments. But, guess what you have to do when you pay in cash? You have to go to the ATM and physically look at the amount of money you are spending. It is easy to forget how much cash we’re parting with when we can’t see it. Using cash only will also help you to stick to a budget.

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