5 bargain hunting tips to try!

5 bargain hunting tips to try!

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Today, online shopping can present a lot of money-saving opportunities, but are you making the most out of these deals and discounts? You will already know some of the basic tips, for example, using comparison websites and shopping during sales periods. However, there are lots of other ways you can find a good bargain. Read on to discover more.

Make a factory find

A large portion of high-end retailers have factory stores, especially homeware retailers. These stores feature discontinued lines, clearance stock, stock cancellations and ex-display models. Although they tend to be situated in remote locations, you can save up to 80 per cent, so this more than justifies the drive. This is a good way to keep your expenditure low so that you don’t harm your credit rating.

Scan social media

Following your favourite brands on social media is a great move if you’re a regular customer and want to scoop up some discounts on future purchases. Campaigns are often run on social platforms only and for a limited period, so set alerts to be updated when they post. You can also actively search for hashtags such as #promo #coupon #deal #discount #offers and #freeshipping.

Abandon your cart

This is a tactic worth trying if you’re not in a rush to buy the product in question. Put the item into your basket and then leave it there for a few days. You may find you receive an email from the company informing you that you’ve “forgotten something” and giving you a percentage discount to try and entice you to complete the transaction.

Try more than one discount code

Nowadays, it should be standard practice to search for a discount code before completing an online purchase. However, don’t settle for just one code. There are voucher code websites that feature lists of codes for you to try, and some company websites even allow you to enter as many as you want, so always make sure you check to see if this is an option! Of course, make sure you apply the codes in a logical order, i.e. the biggest saving first, and if you can’t apply more than one at a time, split up your transactions.

Register your details

Signing up to loyalty programmes or to receive newsletters can often bag you a coupon code. But if you’re looking to buy a branded product, why not try buying from a different retailer at the same price and taking advantage of new customer discounts?

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