How To Stay On Top Of Your Budget

How To Stay On Top Of Your Budget Your budget is one of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect of your finances. Having a budget allows you to take control and gain a better relationship with your money, therefore impacting your spending, saving,

How to Practise Money Mindfulness

How to Practice Money Mindfulness   Mindfullness - a new word in our daily vocabulary but one that looks like it's here to stay! If mindfulness as a way of like means living in the present and considering the decisions you make without panic or stress, then there's

How to Cope With Redundancy

Coping with Redundancy If you are facing the prospect of redundancy, it is always going to be a tough time... No matter what the type of work you do, or how long you've been working for your current company. Fear not, however, as dark as it seems right now, there are