Save Big On Back To School Shopping

Save Big On Back To School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping isn’t cheap, especially if you have got multiple children. Stocking up on notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, and so on can damage the bank more than we may think. In fact, according to Statista, the average back-to-school spending per household in the US has steadily increased every year to reach $848.9 in 2021. This statistic relates to the planned spending, meaning that unless you budget or make use of deals, it could be even higher. We understand that not everybody has plenty of cash to spare on back to school, therefore we have put together some tips on saving big and finding all the relevant deals.

Search For The Sales

Due to the competition around this time of year for back-to-school customers, many stores will be introducing deals. We suggest you look online to see which stores near you are holding the best sales before you leave the house. This allows you to know exactly where you are going to prevent getting distracted. Linking to this, make sure you check the cheaper stores too which will sell exactly what you need at a low price, for example, the Dollar Store.

Find What You Already Have

Do you ever purchase a new set of pens and lose them all in one week? If you answered yes, we’re sure you can agree they all get found when we need them least, or when we do a huge clean. So, maybe it is time to dig out all of the stationery that you are missing. This way you’re saving yourself the total in the store along with the fuel there. The chances are you’ll even find more than you thought you had.

Make A List Of What You Need & Budget For It

After finding what you already have and looking for all the deals you need it is time to make a list of the remaining items you will need to purchase. You can do this electronically or on a piece of paper to allow you to take it shopping with you. On the list, we advise you to include what you need specifically and its exact price. After listing the products and their prices you should then have an idea of how much you will be spending. Taking this list shopping and sticking exactly to what it says will allow you to stay on track and avoid overspending. Although, remember that certain prices may vary depending on the location and the store.

Share Expensive Items

Computers, textbooks, calculators, and all the other equipment can be very expensive. Therefore, why not try sharing or renting for a cheaper alternative. Those who live in households with multiple children could potentially share each other’s school supplies allowing families to keep the costs down.

Use Your DIY Skills

You will have noticed that plain stationery is a lot cheaper than others with decorations and patterns. But, that’s nothing you can’t do yourself. There’s bound to be some glitter, tape, or colorful pens dotted around your house somewhere so it is time to get your DIY hands-on and personalize the folder the way you want it.

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