How to Host Christmas Dinner on a Budget

How to Host Christmas Dinner on a Budget

Who doesn’t love Christmas? It’s a time for family, fellowship and, of course, food. We believe that anyone can get in on the festivities – even if your budget isn’t much to celebrate. If it all falls to you to host Christmas dinner this year, panic not, we have some handy tips to help keep costs to a minimum.

So, if you’re strapped for cash and hosting a big Christmas dinner, here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck.

Get Organised

As with everything related to Christmas, planning is key! Make a list of everything you need for Christmas dinner. When you’ve finished your list check through it and be ruthless. Cross out any items that aren’t strictly necessary for a successful dinner.

If you meticulously stick to your list and avoid impulse buying, you can keep track of your spending. As well as ensuring you have everything ready for the big day and shop around for the best prices.

Shop Early, Shop Smart

When the holidays roll around, prices for common dinner components (think cranberry sauce and stuffing) go on sale in the weeks before Thanksgiving and Christmas. The key is to stock up on what you need when prices are lowest.

Many ingredients freeze well (including that turkey) and will help save when its time for Christmas dinner. This is better than frantically shopping on Christmas Eve.

Keep Things Simple

Although it can be tempting to impress your guests with a load of fancy dishes. There’s no need to have three kinds of pie or seven side dishes. Stick to the favourites like stuffing and sweet potato pie. At the end of the day, it’s less about impressions and more about quality time.

Be Creative with Leftovers

It’s always hard to figure out what to do with Christmas dinner leftovers. It’s a shame to let roasted ham or turkey, cranberry sauce and other goodies go to waste in your fridge.

Why not try turning your Christmas leftovers into delectable treats or new satisfying dishes. We all love turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches!

Thoughts on Christmas Dinner?

Now you’ve got your shopping list and strategies out of the way, all you need now are funny hats, terrible dad jokes and some Christmas tunes. Remember if you really are strapped for cash this year, a payday loan could help you in a financial emergency to tide you over until the end of this month.

Merry Christmas!