If you are struggling with bad credit, you really are not alone. Much of America is in exactly the same position as you. For various reasons, they have taken out finance and struggled to pay it back and now their credit record has the same black marks that yours does.

Here at LoanPigUSA, we understand these struggles too, we know that managing finances can be difficult and we want to help you get back on track. We also know that the world can be cruel and that things can go wrong, especially when you are least equipped to handle it.

The car can break down despite you needing it to get to work or the boiler refusing to work when you need to warm the house up for your children. That’s why we work with loan providers who rarely turn people away when they need an online payday loan, no matter what their credit status, and we guarantee instant approval, however, be aware of companies that offer you a no credit check online payday loan because they may not be looking after your interests.

Here at LoanPigUSA, we work with a variety of different lenders who are happy to accept clients from a range of circumstances. This ensures that the majority of applicants can secure a loan, regardless of their credit history.

We work with direct lenders, who we believe have the same level of understanding that we do so that we can reduce refusal rates. We will show you exactly who can help you from our panel of lenders and will help you arrange your loan directly with them.

We have very high acceptance rates because our lenders take the entire situation into consideration and because we have a number of lenders available. This means that there is often someone willing to help out in most situations.

You really have nothing to lose when it comes to filling out our application form. It really won’t take up much of your time and you might be pleasantly surprised by the results, even if you feel that your credit situation is dire. We have made our application process as quick and easy as possible because we understand that there is most likely an element of stress involved in your need for a payday loan.

We really don’t want to make that worse with endless form filling or paperwork, so we ask for just the basic details that we need to make our decision. Once the application is complete we will show you exactly who is willing to lend to you as well as the repayment details in an easy-to-read manner., helping you to make your decision.

We also like to work with lenders who are quick to release cash once the loan is agreed. We understand that the nature of a payday loan means that you need that cash quickly to resolve the issues that you are facing.

Our lenders can often make payments on the same day, although this does depend on the time of your application and on your bank. In the majority of cases, the money is paid into your account within 24 hours.

Please note, that we often can’t make payments over the weekend. If you can, make sure you have your application completed in plenty of time to receive your money before the weekend comes.