Georgia Payday Loans

If you’re a resident of Georgia and are interested in payday loans, we’re here to let you know all your options. There are multiple options that will help you out in a financial emergency. Although they are prohibited, here is some information that will help you understand the laws regarding payday loans.

Are Georgia Payday Loans legal?

No, payday loans are not permitted according to state regulation which was put in place to protect the citizens of Georgia. Small dollar loans are heavily regulated and governed by statutes 16-17-1 et seq., 7-3-14 et seq. and 80 3-1.02(7). Despite the illegality of payday loans in Georgia, there are still ways to get money quickly if you are in a financial struggle. One option that is commonly available in Georgia is the installment loan.

Georgia installment loans available to you

Even if your credit is not that great it is still possible to get a Georgia installment loan. These are similar to payday loans except the repayment is done through a longer period. Remember that interest rates are still high, so plan accordingly!

Georgia title loans

If you are in financial trouble, consider using your car as collateral for a loan in what is called a Georgia title loan. These are high interest as well, so make sure you have a repayment plan so you do not lose your car!

Payday loan alternatives

Since payday loans in Georgia are not possible, you can get credit or cash in other ways. Here are some options that you should consider.

  • Ask family and friends for help. If you can’t afford your debt, consider asking someone you know to give you help during a tough financial situation. They’re unlikely to charge interest, but remember that it’s still a small loan. You should always pay back the people who help you as soon as you can.
  • Credit card cash advance. There are plenty of credit cards that will accept your application even with bad credit and your interest rates tend to be better than with an installment loan.
  • Loans from other states. If you recently moved to Georgia but still have residency documentation in your former state you can still apply if payday loans are legal back home.
  • Part-time job. Taking on a few extra shifts at work or getting a new side job can all bring in extra cash. So, if you can try applying for a new job to help you get your finances in check.