California Payday Loans Online

When you have unplanned expenses and are on a tight budget, a payday loan could be helpful. California payday loans, a type of short-term loan, give you quick access to money when you need it.

Find out about the laws in California and everything else you should know about how payday advances work in the golden state.

Loans for Bad Credit in California

Getting a financial helping hand shouldn’t make you feel like you’re asking for the impossible. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got bad credit or even no credit. You can still get a near-instant decision for an online payday loan in California. As we work with many direct lenders, we make it easy to get the funds you need.

Yes, payday loans are legal. California requires all payday lenders to be licensed in the state and follow state laws.

Technically, you can borrow up to $300 as a payday loan. But as a California resident, you have other short-term loan options including installment loans, which come with larger amounts with longer repayment terms and different regulations.

Here are the basic facts about California loans:

  • Maximum loan amount: $300
  • Minimum loan term: None specified
  • Maximum loan term: 31 days
  • Rollovers: Prohibited
  • Loan limit: You can only have one payday loan at any time.

Payday loans are regulated by California Financial Code 23000 and California Civil Code 1789.30. Installment loans and other personal loans are regulated by California Financial Code 22000.

Applying for a Payday Loans in California

The application form for short term loans takes just a few minutes. With some basic information when applying such as your name, income status and your US residency. You’ll have your decision on whether you’re approved for a payday loan. It really is that fast.

Payday Loans Made Easy

Getting payday loans in California requires just a few simple things. You will need:

  • A job or steady income
  • An identification card of some kind – state ID  or driver’s license
  • Be 18 years old or older