Do Lenders Check My Credit?

Yes, the any of the lenders on our panel will carry out some kind of credit check. However, this will only be done when you are connected with a lender, if 2 or 3 lenders need to consider your request, they will need to complete the appropriate credit checks, this is likely to give you a loan option from 2-3 lenders which will give you a better choice. LoanPigUSA do not carry out credit checks.

But please don’t worry if you think or know you have bad credit because you are not automatically disqualified from being offered a loan if you have bad credit and these factors are taken in to account when all of our lenders makes their decision.

Is Approval Guaranteed?

Although all of our large panel of lenders will review your details and they will look at your financial situation, whether you have good or bad credit, but there is no guarantee that you will be approved by any one of our lending partners.

Is Approval Instant?

Unfortunately, no, the panel of lenders need to consider each part of your online form when considering you for a loan.

However, the majority of checks are done quite quickly and automatically, for the most part, so you should know whether you have been accepted within a few minutes. The lender at this point will let you know whether more information is required to complete the loan.

What if I Change My Mind?

At any point during the loan search process you can change your mind, it is only when you digitally sign your contract it becomes difficult but not impossible. If you have completed the offer process, been accepted and digitally signed your agreement but want to change your mind, then you need to contact your lender and adhere to their terms & conditions as they may have already started the deposit process.

When Will I Get the Cash?

Once you have agreed your loan terms and signed for a loan the lender will begin the deposit process. As part of the online form you provided your bank account details, this is the account the funds will be deposited into so it must have functioning checking facilities and be in your name.

In most cases, if you are approved during the working week, your cash should be in your account the following morning.

Please Note: Deposits do not always go through at the weekend or during certain national holidays, so remember to plan your search and expect your cash to be deposited the following morning of the next working day.

If there is a problem with the deposit you will be contacted by the lender.